Rackspace Sr. Business Intelligence Specialist in San Antonio, Texas

Job Overview

Overview & Responsibilities

Senior Business Intelligence Specialist

Primary Responsibility:

  • Responsible for the day to day development, maintenance and reporting of data to the business.

  • This includes the gathering of requirements, the discovery of data sources, the creation of reports, and the analysis of data.

  • May also be called upon to present findings to leadership, change processes based on findings from data, and lead projects driven by data analytics.

Job Complexity:

  • Works with business to ensure stakeholder requirements are addressed through integration solutions in a manner that aligns with timelines and quality expectations.

  • Able to extract data per requirements from SQL, Oracle, or other databases and consolidate using a variety of reporting tools and interfaces.

  • Comfortable putting together and presenting findings to C-level leadership on the run of the business and on key findings from data analysis.

  • Understands the complexity of developer tasks and helps draft technical requirements for developers.



  • Ability to inspect, cleanse, transform and model data with the goal of discovering useful information to aid in decision making

  • Advanced understanding of statistics and statistical concepts, including grouping, visualizing, averages, variance, standard deviation, skewness, design of experiments, types of variables (nominal, ordinal, continuous), probability

  • Advanced understanding of R statistics, the ability to collect data, process and clean data, run exploratory data analysis, ability to run statistical analysis, modeling and algorithms; familiarity with packages like (RODBC (database connection), dplyr (data aggregation), reshape (data manipulation), ggplot2 (visualization), knitr (output formatting), lubridate (time and data manipulation), forecast (forecasting), randomForest (machine learning predictive model)

  • Must have excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to understand and capture business problems and needs.

  • Must have advanced Excel expertise, including the ability to utilize pivot tables, charts, and graphs.

  • Ability to use Excel to answer highly complex business questions in a timely fashion.

  • Must have advanced QV skills including set analysis, variables, actions, triggers, and QVD building.

  • Must have advanced SQL skills including temp tables, nested selects, and linked servers.

  • Ability to perform advanced UAT testing and write test cases for end user UAT.

  • Working knowledge of data sets external to Data Warehouse.

  • Must demonstrate a high level of team skills such as: Respecting, listening, persuading, helping, sharing and participating.

  • Must demonstrate a moderate level of customer service skills such as: Managing customer expectations, delivering customer experience, willingness to be flexible, eagerness to learn the customers business and passion for taking care of the customers.

  • Must demonstrate a moderate-high level of leadership skills such as: Communication, Mentoring, Problem solving, self-management, decision making and integrity.


  • Requires a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, MIS, or Business Administration from an accredited institution and 7 years of BI experience.

  • MBA preferred. Post-graduate education or training desirable.



Req # 35395

Location(s) US-TX-San Antonio

Category Business Intelligence